A Trip Down Memory Lane




Over this past weekend, the return of that bandicoot is a nostalgia trip for anyone who is a fan of the original PlayStation games. That’s right, Crash is back and if you haven’t been living under a rock, fans are ecstatic that he has returned to the PS4 with the release of Crash Bandicoot: N’Sane Trilogy.

Crash Bandicoot was a great game to jump back into and despite it being challenging at times, I really enjoyed replaying the original game. I’m just about done Cortex Strikes Back and I gotta say, I haven’t had this much fun replaying a game series in quite some time. Sure, it can be frustrating at times and the mechanics are wonky sometimes but for forty dollars, I couldn’t not give this trilogy a purchase. Much like the Donkey Kong games, the levels themselves are the real challenge as one keeps playing but the boss fights are unique and all are interesting in their own way. While some of the boss fights aren’t that hard, each boss has their own persona and this makes the boss fights at least memorable to an extent.


The amount of polish and graphical touch-ups that this game has received are breathtaking. The Crash games have been polished to the max and even the soundtracks of these games have been touched up which makes the experience that much better for people like me. I geek out over video game OST’s, so hearing the remastered version of a classic tune gives me joy even today. While none of the tunes quite have the nostalgic quality of something like Aquatic Ambience, the Crash games have pretty good soundtracks that immerse the player into Crash’s world.


I also had the pleasure of picking up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 over this past month and ran through the first game. I still haven’t completed everything there is to do in that game, besides beat the game, but I am currently in the process of farming to reach level 100. Much like Crash, I had a great time replaying this game and on the alternative, this game was much easier to jump back into. Boss battles against people like Hades and Clayton seemed much easier but I don’t really have any negative things to say about the first Kingdom Hearts game; it’s one of my favorite games of all-time.

Here’s hoping that the power of nostalgia can bring back one of PlayStation’s original mascots.



Author: mrg1106

I love video games and pop culture in general.

4 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. Man, I’ve forgotten how hard the original Crash was! I just beat the first game on the N. Sane trilogy and was pleasantly surprised by the challenge. I went in expecting to blast through the game and earn an easy platinum, but they really make you put in work. One stage stands out: The High Road was exhilarating and sadistically demanding. You need the utmost precision landing on those wooden planks! My biggest complaint is trying to get the colored gems that require you don’t die while collecting all the crates. So incredibly frustrating.

    Rhe Kingdom Hearts collection is excellent! I should get around to finishing Kingdom Hearts 1 on PS4, but I got so far on the ps3 remaster that I just gave up halfway through haha.


    1. I haven’t even tried getting all the gems and I usually end up missing so many boxes every level as I progress lmao. It’s a great game but man, it is tough.

      You should definitely try to finish the first Kingdom Hearts game btw. It’s a ton of fun as well and I fell in love with that game as a kid and even now.

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      1. Maybe I just liked the game a lot more as a kid, haha. I beat Kingdom Hearts 1 back on Playstation 2 on every difficulty, now I can’t even get past the Tarzan level without getting bored.


      2. Probably because you beat the game numerous times and know all of the in’s and out’s = P

        I just beat Sephiroth for the first time today; I was very happy about it, lol. And I also beat Xemnas.


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